We have big opportunities for volunteering! Get involved to give a hand up for the prosperity of humanity to a lasting change and break the cycle of poverty!
Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our organization and we applaud anyone who is willing to give up their time to make a “world of difference”. We have a number of ways individuals, corporations and professionals can contribute and help us make change happen in Africa.

We need your skills in a wide variety of areas: Donor Management, Research, Fundraising and Grant Writing, SEO and Analytics, Blogging, Photo Editor, Video Editor, Film Makers/Video photographers, Physicians, Agriculturists, Livestock Management, Permaculture, Project Management, Water Resource Engineers, Photography, Nurses, Agribusiness Accelerator Training, A groforestry, Architects, Lawyers, Doctors, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers.
Join Us Volunteer Your skills if you have any of the skills, then we need you to join us and make change happen! Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

As one of our volunteers, you get to work with a very diverse team of professionals in different industries and have access to various kind of support for your business and private life. We provide training for our volunteers in leadership and social change innovation from time to time. You have bragging rights of working with one of the fastest rising social change organizations in Africa. You become a part of an elite group doing something about Africa’s leadership crisis.

HOW TO VOLUNTEER. You can work with us part time as part of the office staff members. Our admin team is always working behind the scenes to ensure that our programs create the desired impact. You can choose to work with us when we hold an event or are running any of our programs.

Like most leading NGO’s around the world, we do ask for a financial contribution from our volunteers. This source of income is extremely important for our organization since we do not receive any kind of public funding. Your contribution helps covering project expenses, field operations, administration fees and all the benefits and full-time support you will receive from our staff

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