Investing in young persons and women’s economic empowerment and skills development is one of the most urgent and effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth. We focus on women Socio-Economic Empowerment. We sensitize women on their rights particularly on the issues of inheritance and properly rights. This is highly supported by various international Instruments. We Promote Sexual health of young people and girls including intensifying reproductive health rights awareness, sexuality education and addressing child and early marriage. We sensitize the communities on Child Rights and child protection related legislations and create awareness to the community on Gender Based Violence (GBV) including sexual violence and female genital mutilation and strengthening community structures for girls and women protection we make referrals for advanced Health care and legal redress to women who have experienced one form of GVC or the other.

We provide psychosocial support services including counseling to women who are victims of one form of GBV or the other. We support community structures for child protection and enhancing advocacy on the same. We link girls with safe houses to protect them from FGM and marginalized groups for relevant support from appropriate organizations and institutions. We enhance the capacity of the law enforcers particularly on the new legislations and the constitution for protection of women and girls.

We support Quality Basic Education Initiatives including quality Early Learning, Women Social Economic Empowerment initiatives and initiatives to promote women and other marginalized populations’ involvement in governance and political leadership. We are addressing gender issues including Gender in education,
Capacity development for Child Rights Actors to monitor the implementation of various International Human Rights Instruments on child rights. We support and participate in Counties’ and National Child rights Networks and create awareness and advocacy for reproductive health rights, provide sanitary towels and support trainings for girls to make the same for sustainability. We provide scholarships support to enable vulnerable children access at least basic education and advocacy the strengthening of social structures for protection of vulnerable children and Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme’s initiatives that promote access, equity, quality and successful transitions to Primary schools and other levels of education. We advocate and support Basic Quality Education reforms in line with the best practices to ensure accessibility, retention, equity and infrastructural development.

We are involved in youth Socio- Economic Empowerment. We facilitate capacity and economic development of youth groups on Leadership and Governance, Devolution, Social accountability and social audits, Entrepreneurship and wealth creation,
Business planning and Management,
Agriculture, Agribusinesses & livelihoods, Peace building and conflicts prevention. We advocate Reproductive Health Rights and HIV Aids Resource mobilization.

We are involved in Peace Building, Conflicts prevention and Reconciliation, Community trainings on peace and conflicts resolutions, Training youths in peace building, Leadership, reconciliation, Involvement of Women in Peace building, Conflicts Management, Ability to identify early warning signs for violence and Facilitating community peace and reconciliation dialogues. GET INVOLVED!