Advocacy is a major component of our work at SIFA An “advocate”, simply defined, speaks or writes on behalf of an individual or a cause, defending or maintaining a position on an issue. At SIFA, we do this through various means, directly (through our various programs) and indirectly (by encouraging others to become their own best advocates). For us advocacy is essential for achieving policy influence, developing a central set of values, collaborating to share information, improving effectiveness and impact, generating better political strategies, moving beyond single NGOs to networks, strengthening democratization and civil society and framing issues to create clarity and attract attention

Some of the ways in which we advocate are writing/distributing our books on Human Rights and exploitation issue areas, participating on numerous committees and coalitions to shape strategy planning
developing and implementing national and international awareness campaigns, presenting lectures and seminars to groups and associations on Human Rights issues, consulting with agencies and organization on human rights, building networks of partners and sharing materials and resources
promoting human rights issues and lobbying internationally and representing victims of human rights violation and indigent litigants in and out of court.